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Design the future like me


Until now, we have been proposing foods that are conscious of beauty and health.

After 10 years of doing it, I realized that "we are eating too much in the first place".

Fasting I met at that time.

I realized that just by not eating for a day, I awakened the work that my body originally had, and realized the importance of not eating.

No matter how good you eat

No matter how good you apply

If you don't have a body that can receive it, its goodness will be halved.

Would you like to be a body that can receive good things?

However, Japan is full of delicious food.

I want to enjoy it.

The fasting we propose is not like a painful practice.

We would like to provide fasting that can be continued on a regular basis as easily as possible.

If you like, why not review your lifestyle, including food, several times a year?

The deliciousness of the meal you have after the fasting is impressive. And there is a lot of gratitude for being able to eat it.

Fasting can approach both health and beauty.

And, "I want to be" gets closer.

We will support you in "designing the future like you" by proposing fasting that can be enjoyed and providing products, and providing products that you want to incorporate into a well-organized body.

CLAIR代表 Kazu

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